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exercises to Korean GPS jamming into the display plane

North Korea said the shelling exercises to Korean GPS jamming into the display plane

South Korea confirmed that in the December 20 Yin Ping Island South Korean military for firing exercises at sea, the North Korean military for the destruction of the unmanned reconnaissance operations Han Jun, interferes with the GPS Global Positioning System ROK, South Korea failed to play a UAV effect.
According to South Korea, "Central Daily" reported on December 23, South Korea, a senior government official said, because of interference by the North Korean military GPS, training day, with South Korean military reconnaissance unmanned reconnaissance input did not play a role, so South Korea withdrawal of the unmanned reconnaissance aircraft, and full use of the other intelligence equipment. 

gps jammer

He also said North Korea was interfering Hanmei Jun authorities carried out electronic warfare operational response, while protecting the South Korean military radar and electronic equipment. Reported that, according to South Korean military sources, North Korea recently is greatly enhanced the combat capabilities of GPS jamming, especially in the open state of the city and the sea in front of the main new areas of electronic warfare units. According to the Korea Bureau of parties who introduced the DPRK in the past used two big countries from around the GPS jamming equipment purchased recently North Korea is developing self-alone devices. 

Earlier, former South Korean Defense Minister Jin Tairong in October this year, said North Korea has a range of 50-100 km of GPS jamming radio equipment.

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