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This handheld cell phone jammer comes complete with battery & charger. ... This cell phone jammer model comes in 2 versions, one for Europe, North Africa we supply all kins of jammer antenna
Brand: All C.T.S

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  • GPS L1 Panel Antenna
  • GPS L1 Panel Antenna
    Goods Brief:GPS L1 Panel Antenna Compact Flat 1550~1660 MHz, ~ 20 dBi gain, ~ 50 ohm impedance. Beamwidth: E30º H90º. Front:Back > 25dB. VSWR ~ 1.6. Maximum Power 200 Watts. Antenna for Wireless LAN, WiFi Network, Wireless ADSL, Video Transmitters, etc.
  • Market price:US$60.00
    Shop price:US$50.00
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