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Wireless Covert Mini Earpiece .Wireless Mini Spy Earpiece + Walkie-Talkie Wallet-Eavesdrop China Online Wholesale-spy listening device,invisible spy earpiece,spy hearing devices
Brand: All C.T.S
Price: All 20 - 100 100 - 180 260 - 340

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  • Bluetooth Inductive Loopset CTS-B205M
  • Bluetooth Inductive Loopset CTS-B205M
    Goods Brief:Inductive Loopset B205M is earpiece and Bluetooth mobile phone's accessory. Inductive Loopset B205M which is used in conjunction with wireless earpiece is one of Bluetooth mobile phones accessories. Its work principle is Bluetooth and connection with mo
  • Market price:US$145.20
    Shop price:US$121.00
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  • Wireless earpiece Bluetooth kit CTS-B205N
  • Wireless earpiece Bluetooth kit CTS-B205N
    Goods Brief:This invisible Micro headset (Secret Ear), is a wireless alternative to standard wired headset. Secret Ear is cordless and virtually invisible to the eye. It ensures complete covert reception from any cellular phone
  • Market price:US$120.00
    Shop price:US$100.00
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