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Spy-GSM-Two-Way Spy Audio Device with Auto Call Feature

Spy-GSM-Two-Way Spy Audio Device with Auto Call Feature
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Goods Brief:



Manufacturers Specification

Primary Function: GSM Two-Way Audio Spy Device
Materials: Molded Plastic
Color: Black
GSM Frequency Compatibility: Quadband (900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz)
Onboard Buttons/Slots:
- USB Input
- LED Light
- LED Light Button
- Two Way Switch
- SIM Card Slot
Power: Built In Rechargeable Battery
Dimensions: L:52 x W:40 x H:15 (mm)

Product Notes

When it detects sound, the spy bug will call your cell phone
Works World Wide, to date the simplest audio spying solution
The GSM audio spy device is like a quadband cellphone without a speaker
Take approx 8 hours to fully charge and can last up to 3-5 days on standby
You can recharge the spy audio device by connecting the USB charger cable to the power charger
This product is being sold as an investigative tools for law enforcement or licensed investigators. Anyone else ordering this device should only be ordering it as a simple toy since MANY COUNTRIES STRICTLY PROHIBIT OWNERSHIP OF SPY DEVICES.

Package Contents For CVKA-G108

Quadband Two-Way Audio Spy Device
USB Cable
Power Charger (110-220V)
User Manual - English


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use this thing?
You need to insert a SIM card into the device. Then from your cell phone, you send an SMS to the telephone number associated with the SIM card in the device. The SMS you send should be in the following format:


This is very important. In your SMS message, the telephone number is of the cell phone you are sending the message from, not the telephone number associated with the SIM card. Then send the SMS to the telephone number associated with the SIM card. That's it!
Can it be placed on my mantle piece in the UK and call it form New York to listen in to who's in my home?
Yes you can, it is essentially a quad band receiver that works on the global four frequencies, you only have to make sure that the number that you program it to call is active, whether you are in New York or Dubai. Make sure you fully charge the audio spy device before you travel. Keep in mind, if you activate the auto sound detection option which lets the spy audio device to call you when it detects sound, then it will only be active on standby for 3-5 days.
If I am listening in on a conversation through it , how long will the battery last while listening on a conversation
As always, depending on the usage and charge that is left on the GSM spy audio device. It should last as long as 2-3 hours when on full charge, and then less time if the audio bug has already been active for a while.

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