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UHF Bug, Wireless Cordless Audio Voice Monitor Kit

UHF Bug, Wireless Cordless Audio Voice Monitor Kit
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Goods Brief:



The Voice Bug Monitor is a professional wireless spy kit for cordless Audio Monitoring applications. Microphone sensitivity is 15dbm. Its able to pick-up whispers / footfall whithin 2 meters away. Transmission range is 1800 meters in open area. Battery life for receiver is 36 hours, for transmitter is 16 hours.

The ISM/VHF voice bug is featured by original circuit design, US professional IC and STD technics. Its highlighted by tone clean, short antenna, small volume and tiny size. Its suitable for replace barbarous CX01 (audio bug) and unstable GSM bugs (R600 & CX01).

ISM UHF Audio Bug Monitor Specifications:

Transceiver frequency is fixed for ISM/UHF band
Using soft-antenna or 2cm fixed antenna
Transimission range is 1800 meters in open area (depens on circumstances)
Use CR2 3V Li-M battery, lasting 36hours for monitor or 16hours for transit
Microphone's sensitivity is 15dbm, high-resolution within 200M2 (all direction)
Both size of microphone transmitter and receiver are 35 x 50 x 21mm

User's Guide of ISM UHF Spy Audio Bug Monitor

1.Load battery correctly. Put power switch to "ON" position and enter into working status. Extend microphone's antenna, lay or affix it at 1~5 meters away from voice source. You can monitor the local voice (adjustable free) from 10 meters away after powered on the switch and inserted earphone or speaker.
2.With correcsponding 3 way connector plugs, you can link recorder with receiver and record informaiton while monitoring.
3.The receiver is oriented when voice source is too far. Please adjust the direction of receiver. Usually make antenna vertical to the floor and turn around to find the strongest signal. When used in building concentrated area, signal density may varied a lot due to obstruction and multiple reflection, and cause blink spot eventually (the signal appear faint in short range). How to select the appropriate received spot and the position of monitor is extramely important. Put receiver at elevated or open area. Or close to window as possible when used indoor. The fewer building obstructed between receiver and microphone, the longer transmission distance you will get.
4.Transmission range is closely related with operation conditions and weather conditions. Open area is better than building concentrated area. Higher is better than lower. Vertical wave (antenna vertical to floor) is better than horizontal wave. Suburb is better than downtown. Night is better than daytime. Customer can make good use of microphone and receiver based on the characteristics mentioned above.
5.Please replace the battery in time when transfer distance is getting shortened, or voice is distorted, or hum increased, etc.

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