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Indoor 11b/g Wireless wifi Booster (1W)

 Indoor 11b/g Wireless wifi Booster (1W)
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 Indoor 11b/g Wireless wifi Booster (1W)

Looking for a boost?
The new series of WiFi signal boosters give you a huge increase in distance when building a wireless network.

Whether you’re looking to deploy in AP mode, giving basic wireless connectivity to devices on the network, or if you want to deploy a long distance wireless bridge between 2 buildings, these boosters provide the extra power needed to maximize your wireless network.

30dBm (1W)
WBO-0100 provides a massive power boost of 1W. When combined with high-gain antennas, you can amplify the signal of a common wireless access point to create strong wireless signals that can cover a large indoor network. Great for shopping malls or airports that require extended distances. No need to add several access points when WiFi boosters from LevelOne can get the job done cost-effectively.

802.11b/g Signals
WBO-0100 is compatible with 11b/11g networks, making it a simple and easy addition to any existing wireless networking infrastructure.

Works with IEEE 802.11b/g wireless LAN devices
Stronger output power increases your wireless coverage and throughput
Use with detachable 2.4GHz antenna equipments
Signal activity LED
Easy to install, just plug in and play

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