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150W Powerful cell phone Bomb Jammer/blocker CTS-VIP150

150W Powerful cell phone Bomb Jammer/blocker CTS-VIP150
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CTS-VIP150  modular wireless communications jammers designed for fixed or vehicle installation, where high transmission power and multiple frequency bands are required to block wireless communications within a large coverage area.
1* Output power: 150W
2* Range of interception: radius 100-400 meters(in optimum condition)
3* run for 24x7 without over heat
4* with APC power control,

5.Adjustable coverage
6.Over Voltage protection technique
7* having a numbered dial and moving hands display
8.Accessories:4 x Antenna ,Cables,Connectors

frequency band, MHz GSM, CDMA, TDMA, UMTS (3G), Nextel
The output power of each bands can adjust 150W output
the radius of guaranteed envelope of cellular phone neutralisation when
jammer is located at a distance not less than 400 m from the base station,
not less than, m
power requirements 220-240V/50-60 Hz
unceasing operational time from powered from AC mains 220240V/5060Hz, hours, not less than 8.0
continuous operational time from the autonomous power source, not less than, minutes 90
dimensions, cm, one unit 46*25.5*14
mass, kg, one unit 10

Hand-Held Cellular/Cell Phone(IED) Jammer (CTS-JP) 

2400mw, 7800ma Hand-Held Cell Phone Jammer(CTS-1000HB)

Note:Aiswa cannot support order online at the moment. We offer you the weblink for payment on Alibaba.(The word Jammer is not allowed in Alibaba so we use transmitter to replace)

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