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Spy GSM-GSM European Socket (fully functional)

Spy GSM-GSM European Socket (fully functional)
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 This GSM European 5 Socket Lead is another new addition to our professional range of audio surveillance products and operates as a fully functional socket. We do not import inferior looking products nor we do not use dismantled mobile phone parts as found in cheaper products. Each of our GSM audio devices is professionally hand built using the highest quality componants and materials with special filtering circuitry to offer only the very best audio sound quality.
This GSM European 5 socket lead can simply be plugged into any European 3-pin wall socket and will remain permanently powered ready for you to dial in anytime, from anywhere in the world.
You can dial the SIM card (not supplied) which is professionally fitted and hidden inside thus allowing you to listen to the surrounding sounds and conversations from approx 25-30ft radius from where the lead is plugged with absolutely no sound distortion.
This is the next generation in advanced audio technology, completely undetectable and fully operational as a normal European socket.
This GSM European lead uses the communications frequency 900MHz/ 1800MHz/ 1900MHz and because it is powered from the mains power, there are no batteries therefore providing extremely long term audio surveillance.
Do not mistake this product for an inferior production elsewhere on the market, our products are designed for complete peace of mind. If your looking for quality that we build our reputation on then this product is a fine example.

Fully functional European 6 socket lead
220v 2-pin or 3-pin connection
Professionally hand built using the finest materials and componants
Operates on the communications frequency - 900MHz/ 1800MHz
Unlimited listening distance
Audio Pickup Range - 25-30ft
Can power by battery 3.7V DC  and 110V/220V AC Two ways
Unlimited imagination for this great device including monitoring your home and office
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