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Automatic Voice Activated Spy Bug with Flashlight Function

Automatic Voice Activated Spy Bug with Flashlight Function
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 Automatic Voice Activated Spy Bug with Flashlight Function


This product Back out with automatic voice-activated function, the volume of ultra-compact, ultra-clear sound quality, ultra-long standby.

Simple operation, stable performance, easy installation can be features such as external control, plus a flashlight function.

It can be used for remote monitoring, location tracking of the base station, home monitoring, car anti-theft tracking.

Support Flashlight and Voice function

Support the external battery.

Approved: CE / FCC




USB Fiber

Operational Guidance:


Regardless of the boot or shutdown in the state case on the touch labels can BMW.


Open the back cover, insert the SIM card holder automatically boot, boot-up indicator light 5-8 seconds until the indicator light means the rear cover can be stamped out after the dial-up use.


Install Please note that GSM network signal strength, do not install in the absence of signal or weak signal areas, so as not to affect the use of the effect of lead can not be used.

Number of settings 

Write code before you switch out to the A position, using SMS GDM (Note: GDM necessary to complete capital letters) to increase the number of calls you, (such as GDM13988888888)

Voice-activated functions 

To switch out to the B position, when you do not have voice-activated switch out to the A position, there is no sound at this time regardless of the outside will not automatically back out, can only answer a call.

The machine may require an external control (such as; human pyroelectric infrared control, RF wireless control, magnetic, mobile, vibration control, plus a single-chip control) To support the external battery.

Standby time: When to use voice-activated 3-5 days standby. Do not have voice-activated 6-15 days standby time. 30-40 hours a flashlight available. Depending on frequency of use of the.

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