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CREE Series Flashlight GL-K29

CREE Series Flashlight GL-K29
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  • Brand:Pailide
  • Sales time:2010-08-19
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CREE Series Flashlight  GL-K29
Product Size: φ24 × 112mm
Product Weight: 63g
Accessories Weight:
1. Features:
1, with the United States the latest CREE LED, brightness up to 180 lumens, up to 100,000 hours lifetime
2, driver: intelligent digital circuit control, linear output: nominal operating current of 180 lumens, up to 100,000 hours lifetime
3, Case Material: T6061 aviation aluminum, CNC production machining center
4, continuous lighting for more than 3 hours
5, the appearance of treatment: Army regulations three very hardened, wear and corrosion resistance, good enough, feel good, non-slip in place
6, fully waterproof design: O-ring seal waterproof to allow the products to waterproof, heavy rain in the normal use
7, a collecting system: concave and convex lens, condenser effect is better
8, the switch: the latest key switch, more convenient and functional conversion
9 Marking: Laser Laser LOGO
2. Help
Highlight 100% power, constant light power over long distances at night lighting the darkness, light hair with calories
Is 30% of the power of light, constant light and dark lighting at night generally
Baoshan to 100% of the power, 2Hz frequency of flashing work lights to attract attention of other tactical uses hair with calories
3. Function mode (three functional cycle)
1 file: 100% height
Second gear: 30% micro-light
Third gear: 100% Baoshan
Fourth gear: Close

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