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New MP3 wireless Bluetooth for wireless earpiece

New MP3 wireless Bluetooth  for wireless earpiece
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New MP3 wireless Bluetooth  for wireless earpiece

Too tired of all these exams? There is no time for studying at all? Or may be after the exam this information will be useless at all and you do not want to pay your precious attention to it? With the help of mp3 Bluetooth Set nobody will even have an idea about how you managed to handle with all the studying difficulties!

wireless bluetooth with earpiece

This invisible Micro Earpiece (Secret Ear), is the cordless alternative to the standard wired earpiece. Secret Ear is cordless and virtually invisible to the eye. It ensures complete covert reception from any cellular phone. It enables you to listen to conversations where the cell phone has been placed, with maximum convenience, clarity and discretion. This is the latest step forward in miniaturization of electromagnetic technology, measuring just about one and a half centimeter (long) by half a centimeter (wide) with no loss of sound quality because of its size.
 Easy to fit and use, Secret Ear is just as clear in sound as the standard wired earpiece, but with the added benefit of being more discreet in use (and there are no visible wires). Secret Ear is employed extensively in the field by Intelligence Services of most developed countries. It therefore meets the maximum listening discretion required by business or personal surveillance. Its peculiarity is that it works with both transmitters and cellular phones.
 Although it is adaptable with any cellular phone, but while ordering kindly specify the model and make of your cellular phone or transmitter. The Ear-GSM kit for cellular phones can receive voice signals from an infinite distance.
 Now also available with bluetooth collar, to quietly communicate from unlimited distance!
 Micro EarPiece Secret-Ear technical data
 Micro Ear Piece Secret Ear receives signal, by inductive coil, across electromagnetic fields
 Receiving distance: 50 70 cm (not for Bluetooth solution)
 Standard Zinc-air battery: type 5 1,4 volt; type 10 - 1,4 volt or type 312 - 1,4 volt
 Battery life: from 50 to 100 hours
 Audio bandwidth: from 200 Hz to 4 KHz
 Size: 12 X 6 X 5 mm.
 Working frequency : ALL FREQUENCIES
 Distance between inductive coil and secret ear: about 70-100 cm.
 Ear-GSM kit with bluetooth collar includes:
 Micro Earpiece Secret Ear
 Bluetooth collar
 Battery charger

wireless bluetooth with earpiece

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