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Super mute terminal crimping machine cts3022T

Super mute terminal crimping machine cts3022T
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 Product feature:

1. CTS3022T super mute terminal crimping machine is high speed and semi-automatic. Various molds can be matched for one machine with quick replacement, stable speed.  Easy to operate and repair, which is designed for high output and low maintenance, help manufacturer  to  save cost during  machinery  breakdown. This machine  is  good- looking, elegant. Fashion and advanced.

2. The machine uses frequency conversion technology, electronic precision positioning, noise is 10 times smaller than traditional one when motor works. Power saving, convenient and swift to adjust mold, This machine can avoid  usual faults like clutch, electromagnet comparing to traditional terminal machine,

Function Introduction:

1. Cassette mold,easy replacement , high speed and time saving.
2. Stable power, high speed, high accuracy.
3. Computer terminal, DC terminal, AC terminal, bullet terminal, wire terminal, flag terminal can be crimped in this machine.
4. Lightweight structures, easy to move, small noise.
5. Applied to OTP transverse mode, OTP straight mould, 2000# block, 950# mould.

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Model AM3022T
Pressure capacity 2000kg
Stroke 30mm
Height Adjustment Voloume 10mm
Power supply AC110C/220V    50/60HZ
Power 95W/60W
Operating model single pedal switch
Measurment 300*260*680mm
Weight 65kg
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