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Wire Cutting Stripping Machine Stripper B02A+Blades USG

Wire Cutting Stripping Machine Stripper B02A+Blades USG
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This set of mechanical and electrical products, micro-computer in one. Easy to use, high precision, intermediate stripping is widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, motors, transformers, sockets, connectors toys, lamps, automobile and motorbike industries such as processing and harness cable, high-voltage bushing of the cut. The overall design of our products are reasonably high precision, low failure, high efficiency and high degree of automation, operational safety, easy maintenance and so on. In addition, the machine can be instantly transform wire specifications and dimensions, processing, when the wire into the wire delay will automatically stop and alarm, so that processing of no worries.


Model B-02A

Dimension : 340mm × 387mm × 230mm

Weight : 21KG

Display LED display

Power AC220V/50HZ  110V/60HZ

Rated Power 150W

Cutting the length of 1mm-50mm-10m

Cutting Tolerance ± (0.2 +0.0002 × L) mm

0-25mm stripping length of the cable head-end of 0-15mm

Stripper stripping the short half-way full-stripping stripping stripping the middle of

Applicable line of the core area of 0.1mm2-1.5mm2

For PVC wire Teflon wire glass wire

Guide hole maximum diameter φ1mm-φ5mm

Stripper 8000-3000 per hour article (WIRES)

Imports of tungsten steel cutting tool material

Wire diameter adjustment Automatic

Stripper excellent quality

Adjust the wheel clamping force

Automatic upgrade of pressure stripping header
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