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WCS-990X Pro Grade Wireless Camera Video Audio Scanner

WCS-990X Pro Grade Wireless Camera Video Audio Scanner
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 WCS-990X Pro Grade Wireless Camera Video Audio Scanner

This handheld video interceptor intercepts any wireless video system PAL or NTSC.
Intercepts both VIDEO and AUDIO:
Now you can be able to intercept and view any wireless video camera

Just turn on the unit and it starts scanning from 900 to 2525 MHz.
Find out instantly if your home, office, or public restroom is hidden with wireless video.
PAL are system used in Asian and European countries.
NTSC are system used in America and Japan.
This unit will intercepts both formats.

A wireless video interceptor is used by law enforcement agencies in order to determine if a specific location is being monitored through wireless intercepting devices present nearby. Such a device is a mainstay in all government offices and is used on a regular basis to ward off possible information leak by a hidden wireless gadget.

The frequency that a simple wireless video interceptor detects ranges from 900MHz to 2525MHz. It will also detect the presence of any information phishers.

You do not have to undergo any technical training to be able to understand how this gadget works. Turn on the knob that lets you choose what video frequency you would possibly like to intercept in your neighborhood and wait until it gets a clear picture for you.

You will be surprise where people hide there wireless video cameras
You may be surprise what you might find.
 A/V output to any TV or Recorder
A super powerful tool used by professionals
Find out where people are hiding their wireless video cameras

 Dispaly: 3.5" Color TFT Monitor
 ISM Band : 0.9~2.7GHz
 Audio sub Carrier 5.5MHz , 6.5MHz auto detect
 Switcher : Auto / Manual
 Intelligent shuffle button
 detachable, rechargeable Li-ion battery
 Power: DC 5 V , 800mA


Original made in R.O.C Taiwan 

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